Technical Service Provided by HME That Is Needed To Bill RPM CPT Code 99454

Welcome to our technical white glove offering. Within this video we will introduce our software platform that includes the cellular application, customer support and private labeling options. HME began developing white glove software for multiple organizations offering managed care prior to the internet infrastructure being developed. We originally connected the patient to the software platform through telephone lines similar to a fax machine. In the past 22 years the world has changed. Internet is available to most of the world through a mixture of cabling and cellular. Because we have been developing the Smart Health platform for so many years, we are a few steps in front of the industry. We work closely with equipment manufactures to co-develop the products that connects to our platform and transmit through cellular or Bluetooth. Utilizing the products that were co-designed by HME will enable the patient to automatically connect to our platform directly out of the box after adding the batteries. HME does not sell directly to the market. All correspondences from the beginning and throughout our relationship is done behind the scenes.
It doesn’t matter where the product is purchased. Directly from you, Amazon, Walmart, or any other location in the world the firmware coding built into the equipment is looking to connect to our platform through cellular or Bluetooth.
 During the connection process our platform will inform the equipment where it is located and the time zone. Thus, making all the adjustments within the hardware eliminating any patient setup. The most impressive feature that we offer your company is  HME five star support for the patient and the doctor. We will assist them and then watch their activity to confirm that they understand, or we will do it for them, and they watch us. Built into our software platform is the connectivity to view and assist the patient or doctor through from their cell phone or computer. The support features consist of Phone or Email support and or screen sharing support.