The Smart Health software platform created by HME enables the patient, care giver and family members to connect through a cell phone, cellular gateway, computer, or the home television to the Health Cloud. Computers and cell phones have become the standard path to communicate and transfer vitals from the patient’s home as of today. We believe the stand alone cellular device and television will become the most popular method of communicating in the near future. The Clovis Router is a new product that we helped to develop and is being tested in the field presently. We anticipate on offering the product to the market the first quarter of 2023. It has the capability to transmit independently through cellular or can be connected to the home television for visual connectivity.

The Smart Health Glucose Meter will communicate through Blue Tooth to the home computer, cell phone or the Gateway to transmit vitals in real time to the software platform. 

The Smart Health Blood Pressure Monitor is designed to immediately transmit every test result, by using the latest Bluetooth Health Device Protocol to a HIPAA secure health cloud, which analyzes each test result based on a contingency architecture approved by the patient’s healthcare provider. If an acute or episodic event is recognized during the analytic review, Smart Health will automatically generate a notification via IVR, Text, Email, or a combination.
Portable ECG Monitor helps to reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases. The intelligent design enables easy use for testing and the vital is stored in the meter until transmitted to the health cloud. The product is applicable for patients with different kinds of chronic diseases, especially coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, myocarditis, obesity, palpitations, and dyspnea.

The Pulse Ox transmits to a HIPAA secure health cloud, which analyzes each test result based on a contingency architecture approved by the patients’ healthcare provider. If an acute or episodic event is recognized during the analytic review, our ai health cloud will automatically generate a notification for any person or persons, which have been authorized by the patient to receive alerts.

Fitness trackers are becoming more feature-rich, and an affordable option for people wanting to stay fit and healthy. Far from just pedometers, they now focus on heart rate monitoring, sports tracking, sleep statistics, and even help you to feel less stressed during the day.
The GMS WiFi Automatic Pill Dispenser improves compliance and alleviates the worry of missed or mixed doses. This electronic medication dispenser reduces stress and improves compliance while providing caregivers with peace of mind. You can set up the device manually or use the Smart Health application. Smart Health App serves as a pill reminder and dosage tracking app.
Track weight, BMI, total body fat and water percentage plus bone and muscle mass. The connectable phone app can send 90 days of testing reports to your physician fax machine or Email.
The high sensitivity thermal mental probe with firm head design provides water washable and mercury-free use. When the measurement is finished, the beep sound will confirm that the reading was taken and the transmission to the cloud is instantaneously.

Reimbursement Codes

Our software will track and document the Clinical and Technical requirements for reimbursement. Alerting the care giver that the required testing needed from the patient for reimbursement from Medicare is not recorded and action is needed. If 16 or more tests were performed during the month the patient will qualify for RPM reimbursement and if the testing was not done, then the software will inform the caregiver to have the nurse focus on the CCM communication protocols rather than the RPM conversation protocols. The software will enable the caregiver to receive payment for their services from the RPM or CCM codes and in some cases both.
Nurse On Demand
Nurse On Demand is a service offered to accommodate doctors who are starting RPM services within their practice and require the nursing service. Rather the service is needed for the startup period only or if the service continues Nurse on Demand is an affordable and practical solution to use. The nurses are familiar with HME Smart Health software and the home monitoring equipment.
The nurses work hand in hand with our customer support center to help keep the patient engaged and to help with the clinical documentation the nurses need for the patient files. Our support staff will advise the nurse by the 15th of each month on what patients are on track to qualify for RPM and or (if) CCM.

Rental Service

Rental Service

The Technical portion of the RPM service includes the necessary home monitoring equipment capable of transferring data through Bluetooth or Cellular to the HME Health Cloud. HME offers an affordable Rental Service to accommodate resellers who are growing quickly and is needing financial assistance.

Fulfillment Center

The HME fulfillment center has been working with clients who offer specialize services and or reoccurring business for many years. They function like Amazon with a lower cost and many more options than Amazon can offer. Personalized inserts can be included in the delivery package or special printed cartons to display your company identity is two of the many features available for you.

Suite of Diagnostic Devices designed to transfer data seamlessly to the internet. 
  • Glucose
  • Blood Pressure
  • ECG
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Pedometer Watch
  • Stress
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Sleep Quality
  • Medication Adherence
  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Thermometer

The data will transmit through a personal cell phone or through the cellular gateway that can be  connected to the television. 
  • Smart/Cell Phone: By downloading our App from either Google Play Store or Apple APP and Store all devices data that is transmitted via the APP on your phone to the platform. Utilizing ai programming to monitor and document trends.
  • Cellular: Stand Alone device equipped with a built in SIM Card will transfer the data from the device to your care team.
  • HME Set Top Box: The all in one set top box offers the ability to transmit data via Cellular, Ethernet or Wireless technology (WiFi) so depending on the technology in the home this robust version provides you multiple ways to transmit the data to your care team.

Additional Features that feed the ai database:

  • Push Notification: Alerts based on your digital care plan that is customized by your Care Team. Care plans are built to notify you if your reading was too High, Low and even if you forgot to take your vitals the app will notify you based on episode you triggered.
  • Personalized Goals: Ability to view your care plan goals that have been set for you by your care team. The goals are set based on the connected device you have been assigned and will track each measurement and identify to you if you are either on or off your care plans target. Your care team will customize these goals and create a care plan that is achievable for you to make progress.
  • Medication Reminder: Our app allows a patient to setup their Medication with a Reminder within their APP. This reminder will send via a push notification when their medicine needs to be taken. They also have the option to identify they have taken medication based on their reminder. This info is gathered and provided to the Care Team.
  • On Demand Reports: View, Fax or Email your data in a graphical view for either Daily, Weekly, Monthly or select a custom date range. The data is returned with a log book and the statistical results.
  • Additional Data Inserts: Our app allow you to provide your health care team additional tools to look at besides your vitals. Our app captures additional notes about your vitals such as Medication Taken, Exercise, Food and even the current Mood. These additional data set may provide your care team a pattern they may find based on a reading value.
  • Telehealth Enabled: Our App is built to connect to the technology in your smartphone or tablet a video camera will launch a Virtual Video Call based on your permission. This feature will allow your Care Team to have a virtual face to face session all captured within our APP.
  • T.A.G. Enabled: Our App is built with the ability to request a support session with Smart Support. This enables support to Tag Along and trouble shoot with you through a screen sharing session that gives them access to your smart phone or tablet.
  • Dexcom & Fitbit Enabled : Even though we offer a large line of diagnostic devices you may have been assigned a continuous glucose monitor and if so we offer an option to enable your CGM from Dexcom and Fitbit to connect to our app. These devices will allow your Care Team to view data from these devices and any other device they provide you.
  • Clinician Web Portal: View patient data at a user or population level. Our platform comes equipped with pre-set monitoring rules with the ability to customize your own digital care plan with real-time notifications that are sent via APP Push Notification, SMS, Voice and Email.
  • Administrative Tools: Built in administrative tools to add additional staff members, family members to help manage the care of the patient. A Client mode to allow you to create multiple Care Providers you may manage for separate clinics and staff members.
  • Array of Monitoring Types: Track your patients Vitals, Adherence, Excessive Weight Change, Trending Data, Goal Objectives and platform Reminders.
  • Patient Monitoring Mode Enabled: Launch a RPM or CCM Session and our platform tracks time spent with a patient and has built in algorithms to identify when you have achieved the requirement for a billable patient. Our platform will provide you the CPT Code and identify all patients ready to be billed in a printable billing report.
  • Telehealth Enabled: Schedule a Video Call session with your patients.
  • Broadcast Messaging: Send a private or group message to your patients in regards to their condition.
  • On Demand Reports: View, Export, Print your patient data in a Graphical view of their data that can be drilled down to view data grouped by period of the day such as morning, afternoon, evening with statistical data.
  • Goal Outcome: Reports based on each patient goals you have set. This report will provide statistical data based on were the patient goals achieved for a particular date range.
  • Health Star Report: ADA & AHA 5 Star Score Criteria allows you to evaluate 90 days worth of Data with the statistical outcomes based on each device assigned to patient.
  • Analyze By Report: Select a Device Type and pick a Ranges such as Greater Than, Less Than, Between and it will return your data results in real-time with the statistical outcome.
  • Analyze By Expectation: Select a monitoring Rule on our platform and see the event results with the statistical outcome.
  • Analyze By Engagement: If you added a Prescribed Test Rate in the patient Care plan this report will calculate the Adherence results with statistical outcome.
  • Analyze By Outcome: Select a device measurement type and view your outcomes based on ADA & AHA standards.
  • Population Data View: View, Export, Print your patient data in a statistical view based on ADA and AHA outcome values. Our platform allow you to drill down to the patient with extreme high/low effecting your population outcome numbers. All Population Reports will return summarized averages & user averages with a click of a button you can drill down to access a patient care plan. All Clinical on Demand reports are also available to run at a population level. A Client Admin role can also measure outcomes by Care Provider/Doctor/Staff.
  • Built In Incentive Values: View, Export, Print your patient data in a statistical view based on ADA and AHA that measures outcome and provides an overall Smart Health 1on1 Star Rating that measure multiple conditions such as Hypertension and Diabetes and provide your average statistical star rating per patient and population view.
  • Track Prescribed Testing Regimen: Setup your patients prescribed test rate and watch our platform give you real-time statistical results at a population and user view.
  • API Integration Enabled: API tools are available to easily integrate within any platform.
  • Smart Support: We warranty our devices up to 1 year and we include a guardian angel with built in tools like Tag Along(TAG) in order to make the onboarding process as simple to you and the patient we include the Welcome Call and the Adherence Call follow up. Without any limitations.
  • Welcome Call: Our Smart support includes a Welcome Call that is meant to educate the patient of the platform and their connected devices. This calls is placed with in the 1 st 72 hours you have enrolled a patient to our platform with a device. During this time we refresh the patient of the device answer any questions about the platform.
  • Adherence Call: We also offer to monitor a patient prescribed test rate. During this call we review if the patient has not uploaded within 48 hours and attempt to have them upload a reading for you. We cover any education of the platform and explain we try to at least achieve a minimum of 16 days of data on our platform.
  • Request Support: Our app and the web portal is equipped with Request Support button, This button will allow you to open a support ticket and a support agent will communicate with you in via phone, text or email depending on your preference. The request support has built in screen sharing tools that allows us to Tag Along (TAG) with you to confirm that you have a full understanding of the platform.
  • Video Tutorials: We built our platform to provide you in each of the Clinical Portal Menu with educational YouTube videos and a documentation file that stores quick reference user guides about our devices and platform.
  • Partners Offering Add-On Services: One of the many objective we try to offer is add on to help transition the platform into useful use case scenarios. The following are partners that have added on services to our platform that you may find a need for.
  • Nurse On Demand: For an additional cost allow a Registered Nurse(RN) to do all the monitoring for your patients. The nurse will work with in your Care Plan for either a RPM and/or CCM Session on your behalf.
  • Rental Program: We currently have distributors that offer the equipment and platform fees for a low monthly payment per patient per month.
  • Fulfillment Service: Don’t want to store the equipment at your location or worry about packaging and shipping labels. This company offers a low cost handling fee to pick and pack your device and deliver them to a patient home via USPS. USPS rates applied to the fulfillment cost.
The Five-Star Quality Rating System is a tool to help consumers select and compare doctors and care givers.  This tool can  also be used to measure what payment schedule the doctor and or care giver is being paid from Medicare. Beginning in 2008 the Skilled Nursing Facilities were the first to be Star Rated and as of today many of the industries surrounding the healthcare have star rating. HME has implemented a Star Rating for the doctor and another star rating based on the patient.

Following the doctors’ protocols has always been difficult to confirm if the patient follows the doctors prescribed plan of care. With the help of the Medication Dispenser and the Activity watch the results can be documented electronically.
The Gamification Rewards portion of the software platform is designed to acknowledge that patients have maintained a three to five star rating each quarter.  The doctor or the fulfillment center  are made aware of these accomplishments. Engaged patients that are taking care of their health is an asset to the doctor or an ACO. HME supports the gamification reward program embedded into the software,  enabling the patient to receive another piece of equipment to test more of their vitals from home.
HME software platform has the capability of comparing doctors, patients or a disease by the doctors practice, with in the county or by the patients star ratings. This feature can be useful for the doctor or an ACO management team.
Offering meaningful support at every level of our software platform or cellular app is our primary focus.  If the doctor’s office is needing help with the software platform, we can watch their screen movements and advise them on how to do it,  or they can watch us do it for them. There are also video demonstrations and Get-Me-Started introduction to each segment of the software. 
The home monitoring equipment was manufactured with protocols embedded in the firmware to work with HME software platform, enabling the product to connect out of the box. No need to input date, time, or location.  The software will update the equipment and log the item in your roster of products being utilized to track your vitals. You can buy the equipment from your favorite retailer or distributor, and it will connect to the software once it is turned on. You can connect through your computer, your cell phone, or the Clovis cellular router.  All the  products that were selected to communicate with HME platform is of the highest quality and priced competitively in the market.  The products can be purchased from Amazon, Walmart or shipped from our contracted fulfillment center.

View of a Doctor holding Devices with medical icon and stethoscope 3d rendering

If the product can upload to the internet on its own, we will store the uploaded data in the HME platform data bank. We can also connect the product to our cell phone app or cellular router if it is Bluetooth capable and upload the data directly. For example, the Dexcom continuous glucose monitor will auto sink to our system. As long as the supplying company will share their API with us, we will connect them to the platform and most companies will share it.